26. Female. Married.

I like cats and video games and original characters, as well as drawing and writing and roleplaying (including LARP). Standard fare for the internet, I should think.

I love theorycrafting and headcanons and talking about settings. Analyzing media and being highly critical of things I like.

I like Star Wars, Fallout, and Bioshock. I like vampires, changelings, and other supernatural denizens, especially as presented by the World of Darkness series. I like noir settings, especially as written in pulp novels (such as those about Phillip Marlowe).

I greatly enjoy consuming and creating media about post-apocalyptic, dystopian and noir settings. Talk to me about it sometime.


SWTOR Character Info:
Legacy Page
(Server: EBON HAWK)

Ornell (55/Sage)
Arkaidy (5x/Sniper)
Graan (55/Commando)
Seventy-seven (4x/Operative)
Sorska (2x/Scoundrel)
Tannala (2x/Assassin)
Irit (1x/Mercenary)


Well, I’m leaving for the next 9 days or so!

This weekend is Dystopia Rising: New Jersey, then husband and I are going to spend the week between NYC and DC before going to Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts the following weekend and then heading home. ZOMBIE LARP EXTRAVAGANZA!

I will be on tumblr as time allows!

See everyone on the other side!



kill the idea that openly caring characters are boring

set on fire the line of thought that dictates that altruism is a bad thing and that selfishness/sassiness is an inherently more appealing and ‘~intricate~’ quality than an affectionate nature

smash and bury the concept of the false equivalency between angst and complexity

kindness and empathy are not synonyms for “blandness” and “lack of personality”

This is part of why the “Jedi are boring” mindset enrages me


i will never be able to go back to caring about fictional characters like i did before i had ocs

ocs ruined me forever

You might roll your eyes at my Evanescence/Linkin Park/Breaking Benjamin Pandora station but idgaf because I’m belting out Tourniquet in my head and




epicureancaptain asked
☤ and ✄ for California and your Giovanni; favorite food for Sal

☤ self care/first aid habits

California: She’s got a spoiled streak, so most of her self-care is about finding little luxuries to enjoy for herself, like good food or nice fabrics. She has a love/hate of being left alone, and usually will try to go rest by herself for a while if she’s feeling overwhelmed. If she gets hurt she is a giant crybaby, though. 

Carmina (Giovanni): Has terrible coping mechanisms because being raised in a shitty but very prolific family means that you either become co-dependent by force or everything is internalized so that no one knows what is going on. So, self care… probably taking a long bath. FWIW, Carmina is a slow healer so her first aid takes a longass time and has her mostly in seclusion with her family.

✄ nervous habits

California: Sighing and huffing a lot, crossing her arms, she’ll kind of lose that sweet tone of voice in favor of something with an edge. Looks around a lot. Finds her target for “buddy fucker”. 

Carmina: Gets very quiet and very still, doesn’t say much. Grinds her teeth. Puts her sunglasses on and doesn’t make eye-contact with anyone. Looks at her phone a lot??

✪ favourite food/eating habits

Sal: Her favorite food is pudding. She eats like an animal because she’s a dirt child (she probably uses her hands a lot more than I actually do at LARP because I just…can’t………but I imagine Sal goes without utensils A LOT). 


interspacing- we are supposed to visit some of her stepmother’s family at some point in Texas, and they live just outside of Houston. There is a great chance I can get them to schedule it around a Bravo weekend, so you might get 1/2 of that wish (MaKayla says she is too pregnant to LARP)

This… this needs to happen. owo

white-claudia asked
⌨❈✪ 4 RUBY ovo

⌨ - time-wasting habits 

Digging through people’s houses looking for knick-knacks that she will invariably not take anywhere. It’s like going to garage sales but nothing costs money. It’s how she got her fine hat. She also likes to read and if she can find someone who will let her she will tell the wasteland of the wonders of MOVIES

- ideal birthday

Waking up with skin

✪- favourite food/eating habits

Ruby has really good table manners and habits. She’s a very refined lady!! Her favorite foods are sweets, especially cookies (but she doesn’t get to eat them very often, because apocalypse). 

iced-lightning asked
Oh oh and what about ✿ for these ladies too?

✿ - laugh

Ruby: Rough and gravely! She prefers to just grin really wide or chuckle because it doesn’t sound so bad, actually kind of warm and low and nice. When something’s really funny she’ll just let a big HAH out though, really loud and probably a bit grating. 

Sadie: Her laughs kind of have to get revved up because she has to kind of make the mental switch into “laugh mode” so it’s more of a hhhnnnpfftttthahaHAHA if you know what I mean. (no one knows what I mean) When she laughs too hard she snorts and then gets very self conscious. 

Rocket: Abrupt and really warm and inviting. She’s got a pretty contagious laugh that’ll catch on because it’s just very pleasant. Probably the best laugh out of all of them 10/10 would tell a bloatfly joke again to hear Rocket’s stupid laugh.