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I like cats and video games and original characters, as well as drawing and writing and roleplaying (including LARP). Standard fare for the internet, I should think.

I love theorycrafting and headcanons and talking about settings. Analyzing media and being highly critical of things I like.

I like Star Wars, Fallout, and Bioshock. I like vampires, changelings, and other supernatural denizens, especially as presented by the World of Darkness series. I like noir settings, especially as written in pulp novels (such as those about Phillip Marlowe).

I greatly enjoy consuming and creating media about post-apocalyptic, dystopian and noir settings. Talk to me about it sometime.


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"selective eating disorder"

So I’m a notoriously picky eater, something that comes up often in the South as food/feeding others is a staple of the relationship song-and-dance locally.

So today at work I get taken aside by a coworker who tells me that I have a type eating disorder and I should “seek help so I can stop eating like a 4 year old”.

I blow her off and decide to pay a visit to Wikipedia, which points me to “selective eating disorder” and now I just feel bad and fjsifhfkd why would you say something like that to someone it is the first fucking workday of the new year did you make a resolution to climb up people’s asses or something


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  2. klouwnshu said: I have lived with you, and I never felt that your picky eating was interfering with your health. I’m not a trained medical professional, but my mom is. If she felt you were in trouble, she’d say something as a nurse and as someone who loves you.
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    This is just crap. The fact it isn’t in the DSM makes it sound even more like crap. Not everything needs a freakin’...
  4. cipher-nine said: like seriously do not listen to her; it’s bullshit and the research I’m seeing on it is sketchy at best. keep on keeping on like you are :3
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